"...Her chosen recital spans almost half a century of Hovhaness's piano music, covering a wide range of the musical sources from which Hovhaness forged his highly personal style — or more accurately, styles — and shining a light on some early rarities. Pompili takes it all in her stride intelligently and sympathetically, whether Hovhaness is speaking to us as contrapuntist, Eastern impressionist, ethnomusicologist, or transcendental musical alchemist.... an attractive and highly recommendable disc." Read more here


"..............Her performances are utterly excellent, revealing the full beauty of Hovhaness' compositions. The recording is also excellent. There are several collections of Hovhaness piano music available, and I would urge those who are already familiar with Hovhaness to urgently add this cd to their collection. For anyone new to Hovhaness, this CD would make an excellent point of departure."

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  1. 12 Armenian Folk Songs, Op. 43

  2. Ghazal, Op. 36: Ghazal No. 1

  3. Ghazal, Op. 36: Ghazal - Sufi

  4. Shalimar, Op. 177: 1 - Fantasy

  5. Shalimar, Op. 177: 2 - First Interlude

  6. Shalimar, Op. 177: 3 - Jhala of the Fountains

  7. Shalimar, Op. 177: 4 - Second Interlude

  8. Shalimar, Op. 177: 5 - Jhala March

  9. Shalimar, Op. 177: 6 - Rain Jhala

10. Shalimar, Op. 177: 7 - Third Interlude

11. Shalimar, Op. 177: 8 - Jhala of the Waterfall

12. Cougar Mountain Sonata Op. 390: I - Adagio cantabile

13. Cougar Mountain Sonata Op. 390: II - Mountain Lament

14. Cougar Mountain Sonata Op. 390: III - Mountain Slumber Song

15. Cougar Mountain Sonata Op. 390: IV - Cougar Mountain Dance

16. Fantasy, Op. 15

17. Dark River and Distant Bell Op. 212: I - Andante con moto

18. Dark River and Distant Bell Op. 212: II - Allegro

19. Dark River and Distant Bell Op. 212: III - Adagio

RADIO BROADCAST: Quasi una Fantasia

".Alessandra and Alan Hovhaness on the Classical music programme “Quasi una Fantasia” from Ponte Radio Unical (conversations and comments in Italian).

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