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Scottish-born (sic) American composer Alan Hovhaness is one of 20th century's most prolific composers of classical music. He had a keen interest in music since childhood (he was 4 years old when he first heard Franz Schubert) as well as astronomy, writing some compositions named after stars.


It is said that between 1930 and 1940, Hovhaness himself burned many (probably more than 1,000 works) of his "early" works due to biting criticism, which made him doubt his own creations.


Hovhaness is considered to be one of the earliest composers showing a minimalist approach; his compositional style combines traditional Western European classical music with features taken from medieval church music and Asian folk music. This blending reaches beautiful, unique affects.


International music pianist Alessandra Pompili presents these works by Hovhaness: …. Her sublime piano playing demonstrates an extraordinary accomplishment, and the transparent sounds of nature release Hovhaness’ most fascinating elegance!


(translated from Chinese)

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