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The child prodigy Hovhaness (1911-2000), of Armenian (father) and Scottish (mother) descent, started composing from the age of four, writing two operas during his time at high school.


He was strongly influenced by Sibelius, going to meet him in Finland when he was 23 years old. It is a noteworthy fact that they continued to correspond for 20 years after that visit.


Hovhaness learnt the Armenian music of his own heritage and then embarked on research trips to India, Hawaii, Korea and Japan: he studied the traditional music of these countries and incorporated elements into his compositions.


His piano works are studded with colourful sounds. Listen for yourself how Armenian and Indian melodies are transfigured into something completely new. Yearning, religion, astronomy, and love for nature... an intelligent Italian Hovhaness-champion, Pompili, carefully and convincigly portrays this mysterious world.


(translated from Japanese)

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